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Pc Game Medicopter 117 Torrent nagsha




Contents The game was inspired by the "11" scene in the season 1 episode 8, where the paramedic Maria (Ursula K. Le Guin) dies from her injuries, and their fellow patients take over her duties as paramedics. In the game, Maria is the player-character, and the rest of the paramedics play a supporting role. In this way, the game adds depth to the already fairly deep show, and is the first game that gives the player a strong impact on the characters. At the same time, the game avoids a lot of the pitfalls of the series. For example, in the show, the paramedics do their jobs as highly professional, safe and efficient, while in the game it is much more difficult to be efficient and safe. There are 16 paramedics in the game, each with unique skills, equipment and driving abilities. Only 11 of the 16 are able to drive at all. In addition to controlling the paramedics, the game features a network of over 250 stations to get to, 40 different emergencies and a wide range of vehicles, including 9 ambulances, 2 helicopters, 2 jets, a mobile intensive care unit and a mobile morgue. Like in the TV show, the game features patients that the paramedics can treat and patients that require transportation. Most of the emergencies are based on events that happened in the TV show. Features The game offers two modes. In Mission mode, the player must perform a number of missions, with up to 8 players. Every mission starts with a certain number of lives and the player has to rescue one or more patients. The number of lives is set by the number of patients to rescue, while the player loses lives when the patients die. As the game goes on, the player gains more lives for every successful mission. After the last mission, the player is given a bonus for every life he has saved. While playing Mission mode, the player can choose between 4 different paramedics, and there are four different difficulties for each of the 16 paramedics. There is also a Survival mode. In this mode the player has to save up to 15 lives before he loses. While playing Survival mode the player has unlimited lives. The game also features many innovative features. In addition to the basic vehicle controls, the game features a different amount of control over the paramedics and their vehicles. Every paramedic has a unique ability, which can be used to guide the paramedic to a patient, where he can save a patient or to take advantage




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Pc Game Medicopter 117 Torrent nagsha

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